Gilles Simard is a semi-professional photographer.  Born and raised in Saguenay, Province of Quebec, Canada and living in Edmonton, Alberta.  He began his interest in digital photography at the beginning of the year 2000.

Landscapes, wildlife, architecture, street, event and aerial photography are his main interests.

Photography is a snapshot of a Story

Now retired, I still work part time at a local grocery store which is totally different than my old IT job.  My other personal interests are: Reading (mostly Science-Fiction), Sports (Mountain and Road Biking, Spinning and Curling), Volunteering (United Way, MS Society of Alberta, Help-Portrait, etc...).

Like many photographers of my generation, I started with Point & Shoot cameras (think about a Low Resolution Digital Camera, then moved to "Prosumer" camera (HP, Canon) to finally invest on Olympus DSLRs (E500, E520, E30) before moving to Mirrorless cameras (Olympus E-PL2, EM-5, EM-1, EM-5 MK II, EM-1 MK II and Nikon Z5).  I really appreciate the fact the mirrorless cameras are small, light and perform well.

My tools of choice for editing are Adobe Photoshop, TopazLab and Nik filters.


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Burwell School of Photography

 Gears ... old and currents :)